Tuesday, September 02, 2014

this and that

While Satoshi visited for the week, I was able to take him to his favorite place to gaze at Honolulu from Puu Ualakaa Park.

IMG_7784 And then there were some things that were eaten but not posted about...Lee's custard pie. (eaten the week before Satoshi's visit)

IMG_7891 Ted's chocolate haupia pie on our last night in Hawaii.

IMG_7831 Homemade sweet potato haupia pie made by Aunty Merle one Sunday.

IMG_7834 Kam Bakery's malasada & poi glazed from their new location at City Square.

IMG_7848 Aunty Marian was so impressed with Liliha Bakery's loco moco that she wanted to bring Satoshi here. (Thanks Aunty!)

Did you know that the loco moco Aunty Marian had back in July was the very first in her life?!

I had their teri beef sandwich but it was hard.as.rock.

IMG_7864 Shoyu Pork Andagi at Off the Wall with family friend, D and another friend, B.

IMG_7893 On the day we left for Japan, my brother treated us to breakfast at Rocky's in Waipahu.

Satoshi had their portuguese sausage, eggs and rice.

I had their banana short stack. Yum! (Thanks bro!)

IMG_7896 Instead of paying an outrageous price for lunch at the airport, we bought some spam musubi to eat while we waited for our flights.

Satoshi went home on Hawaiian while I flew JAL.

The food on JAL has really gone downhill...but I still give them props for serving us Tropilicious ice cream (Lilikoi Dreamsicle) and BIC cookies. This time the ice cream was just the right and not hard.as.rock.

On the flight home I watched 3 movies, "Chef" (super foodie, with some teary moments), "The Fault In Our Stars" (super teary) and "Populaire" (French comedy).

During that week there were tons more food and more outings with friends and family, including a revisit to Via Gelato, lunch at Fresh Catch, pupus at Chez Kenzo, dinner at Bravo and coffee at Anna Miller's.

We didn't get out to Haleiwa (another favorite spot of Satoshi's), but I still hope he enjoyed his visit to Hawaii.

Whew that was a long post, hope I didn't bore anyone...

Now we can all go on a diet...

p.s. TSA opened one of my suitcases but it looked like everything was put back nicely...after they opened it they were probably too scared to touch anything with the way I "layered" everything in there...

Monday, September 01, 2014

the alley

IMG_7868 One day for lunch Satoshi and I went to The Alley inside of Aiea Bowl.

He wanted to eat their Garlic Shrimp, which he's had before.

Even though it was kinda hot out, I ordered their oxtail soup.

The oxtail is cooked for two days.

The broth is rich and the meat on the oxtail is fall off the bone tender.

The bones have nice gelatinous cartilage on them that I like to knaw off.

IMG_7869 It is super filling, but I think instead of rice and instead of their ramen noodles, they should let you order a bowl of rice noodles, you know like the kind that is served with phở.

That would make this even more awesome....

I had to ask Satoshi to help me finish my bowl, but I'll definitely be back.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

scratch kitchen & bakeshop

IMG_7854 I wrote about Scratch earlier this summer.

Since Satoshi was coming for the week, I asked Rex if he would like to meet up at Scratch for lunch.

He said he had some time, so Satoshi and I met up with him for a late lunch.

I ordered the Calentado--Spice rubbed shredded beef, sofrito rice, deep fried jalapeno, salsa verde

This oozy egg surprised me.

Also, that deep fried jalapeno surprised me too, I bit into it thinking it was fried okra...

I loved the spice rub of the beef, smoky and the combination of flavors were tex-mex.

Apparently this is a breakfast dish served in Columbia.

IMG_7855 Satoshi went with their Creole Shrimp 'n Grits--Smoked cheddar polenta, andouille, fried eggs, red eye gravy

He really enjoyed this. Of course he ate the shrimp heads too.

IMG_7856 At first Rex said that he was going to order the Tiramisu pancakes, which he had tried before.

Instead he tried their BC Burger--Big Island beef, crispy bacon, smoked cheddar, spicy guac, "bacon" english muffin, crispy smashed taters

He said he was glad he chose this.

IMG_7859 Chef Chan sent out these baked goods---carrot cake scone with a cream cheese topping, peach & marscapone turnover, bacon chocolate chip cookie and a peanut butter honey muffin--which, even if we were full, we demolished them! Thank you Chef!

This is another great place to gather for brunch. I'm glad we got to check it out and I'm glad Rex got to meet Satoshi.

We'll be back.

Scratch Kitchen & Bakeshop
1030 Smith Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.536.1669
Hours: Day: Tuesdays-Sundays 8:30-14:30, Night: Thursdays-Saturdays 17:30-21:30
Closed Mondays

Saturday, August 30, 2014

thank you

IMG_7843 It was a crazy 6 days for Satoshi...filled with lots of eating and drinking.

I'm happy we were able to see most of the people and eat at most of the places on his list.

I'm grateful that over the 7 weeks I was here I was able to spend lots of time with family and meet up with new and old friends.

We're headed back today, I am definitely not looking forward to the humidity over there...

Talk to you from the other side of the world.

Be well everyone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

no rain = no rainbows

IMG_7790 What would Hawaii be without rainbows?!

I couldn't imagine it without!

IMG_7602 A little drizzle or passing shower and usually you'll get to see one.

IMG_7811 It is one of the best parts of coming home.

p.s. Just a heads up...Satoshi is here for a short vacay, his schedule is packed (thanks to me!) so it may be quiet here. Have a nice week!

Monday, August 25, 2014


IMG_7809 I am amazed at how time oriented my "niece" is.

She's been on a diet since I last saw her, so she's lighter but seems to be hungrier...

She wasn't too verbal last year, but, has gotten very verbal since.

Everyday when my brother's alarm goes off, she knows that it is breakfast time, so she comes to wake all of us up by meowing loudly.

Then every afternoon at about 4-ish, she and I have this convo...

Malia: "Aunty I'm hungry"
Me: "but it's too early to eat, wait until 6"
Malia: "No, feed me now"
Me: "No"
Malia: "Please?!"
Me: "No, it's too early"
Malia: "C'mon..." (then she brushes up against me)
Me: "No" (then I ignore her)

At about 6, when I eat, I feed her...then when my brother comes home, she meows loudly thinking she'll be fed again.

It's funny because the only way to get her to look straight at the camera is when she is in "feed me" mode.

Cute, yeah?!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

another nice one

IMG_7794 We've had some rainy days, which means some muggy days.

But we've had lots of beautiful sunset days too.

Hope things have been nice where you are.